Wednesday, May 25, 2011


3yrs old. She won the pig nose at the pig races at the pumpkin patch.

I guess I should give you some background on Lucy. She is 6 going on 7. She also did not talk until she was almost 5. Thanks to a really good school district and head start they got speech involved at age 3 and got her talking.  She did see a developmental pediatrician when she was in kindergarten (she talked by then just not much) who just said oh she just lets her brother talk for her, she will talk when she feels like it. Her pediatrician had sent us there because he though she might be dyslexic. The developmental ped really didn't address that or much of anything. Only thing she said was ahh she's probably borderline autism (many of the traits present then are no longer). In other words she has some autistic traits but not enough for a dx. Then again if you look hard enough we probably all have traits.
Fast forward to the end of first grade. There's something not right with her. She has friends, she does well in school but she doesn't seem to get whats going on around her all the time. Is this normal? I thought it was just me until the other night hubby said somethings not right with her. The school hasn't said anything they thought dyslexic in kindergarten but we just rode it out a bit and that has worked itself out, she has no signs of it now.
I'm trying to decided now do I make the appointment and take her in to have her tested or do we just see how things go?
bubble girl

age 6 being silly wearing a duck costume

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