Friday, December 14, 2012

Dax the Dog

Making the Long Drive to The New House

Lounging in the Sun
Like many families we have a dog. A miniature dachshund to be exact.  He is a mean little dog to anyone outside of this house.  Roger got him as a puppy seven years ago.  We also say he has super powers. What is his superpower you ask?  He can calm a kid out of a meltdown in three seconds flat.  They start melting down he starts jumping around and barking at them.  Next thing you know the kids and the dog are running around the house playing. 

Dressed up as a Pumpkin

This past week when Lucy was sick for three days he just laid on the couch with her.  While he may be Roger's dog he has attached himself to husband and Lucy.  If Lucy is upset or just not right he will sit near her and stare her down until she pays attention to her.  He is a annoying little dog but the kids like him so he gets to stay.

Checking Homework

Yes He Thinks He is King

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