Monday, December 17, 2012

Lines in the Sand

In our house lines are drawn in the sand.  Why you ask well that's the easy part because they are always moving.  We think we have figured our stance on a issue, then a wave comes and washes the line away and we have to redraw.  Thing is when you redraw you never redraw in the same place.  Husband would tell you if you give me a inch I will take a mile.  He has also seen times where he thought I was backed in a corner where I was the wave that erased the line and came up swinging.

The most recent line has been this blog.  Husband thought I was losing myself in basically a pretend world to not have to deal with stuff.  He knows I write this but dose not read it so he really was not sure what I was saying.  Now this line can be drawn in cement.  I thought about taking it all down but we talked and I told him I do not use real names and seldom share pictures.  Almost everything posted here is approved by kids. If they don't want me to post it, it dose not go up.  Same rule applies for my personal Facebook if they say no don't post that picture I don't.  Now it's not that I am allowing them to control what I write but rather I am respecting them, and that someone they know may read this one day. While yes I love that people read what I wrote, if the day comes that husband or one of the kids say enough is enough. I will be done.  I never went into this to be popular or go viral (though that would be cool). I just went into this to tell our stories. 

There are lines drawn in the sand in the blogging community.  Each persons lines are different. There has been some recent discussion as to what bloggers share and how they share it. This is not a new conversation just one that comes up once in a while.  We all have our own ways of writing.  Some like myself use a alias for everyone.  In mine husband dose not even have a name he is just husband.  Others use alias's for the children but real for adults.  Still yet others use real everything.  I can't say what is right for anyone.  It is a personal choice. I am not in your house or head so you do what you want.  As children age their friends could find our blogs if they went looking for it. Eventually our children become adults and will enter the real world.  I have to make sure that nothing I wrote puts them in a bad light that can harm them later in life. If its getting a job, getting in school, running for a public office, it dose not matter because you know none of us have a crystal ball that shows what our kids will become and what they may want to do with their lives.  What we write today could affect them later in life.

We can draw all the lines we want for ourselves but not for someone else.  Another part of the discussion has been what do we do when someone dose post a demeaning post or one with false information.  I don't know the answer, for me I do not call them out.  Calling them out publicly only gives them more attention.  The only thing I can do is keep doing what I'm doing. Yes the waves may come and wash away our lines and we may change our stance on different topics.  It's not that we are hypocritical it is that the line has been moved.   

So yes keep doing what you do. Keep writing, keep talking. Slowly I may change a few minds, you may change a few minds, and someone else may change even more minds.  There's no grand motion that will change everything its slow and steady.  Don't back down and if you think you've reached you end dig deeper and keep moving forward.

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