Monday, December 31, 2012

The First Cut is the Deepest

We have had some ups and downs this week. I learned on Thursday that Roger has a girlfriend. He told me a little about her. She knew all about him being OCD, autistic, all the good stuff. She didn't care she liked him for him. I asked what she looked like and his answer a person. He says I know he can't describe people.  I responded with well hopefully you never witness a crime because the description of they looked like a person really isn't helpful. He got a good laugh from that.
 They were planning on going to the movies on Saturday.  At first I said yes you can go but you need to have some other friends go along.  One friend said he would then couldn't at the last minute.  Roger did try to find someone to go with them.  Since we saw him attempt to find a friend I told him he could go just this once.  I asked if the girls parents were aware, he said yes. 
On Saturday I dropped him off at the theater to meet her to see Lincon. Yeah I know 13 year olds wanted to see this movie and at that she picked.  Her grandpa dropped her off. Everything seemed fine when I picked him up.
That was until I saw his Facebook post. "my girlfriend and I just broke up I think, anyways we are not dating anymore" I questioned m and he started to explain that her mom said no more dates.  Ok. Then he said I just don't get this stuff.  I don't get how it was ok for her to go on Saturday but afterwards her mom changes her mind. Shouldn't she have said so before we went anywhere? I told him maybe his friend did not tell her mom the whole story up front. Of course he wants to know why wouldn't she her mom will just find out. Of course we g into this whole talk about how sometimes people hide things or don't tell you the whole story a idea that is completely foreign to Roger.  In his mind everything is black or white there is no gray, but we all know there is a lot of grey area in life.
The girl tells him she still likes him just her mom is saying no right now.  Of course he wants to know why she changed her mind and really we will never know.  In his mind he just sees it as someone blocking him from a friend who accepted him as he is. He was not really upset by the whole I think we broke up as much as he was by how confusing the situation is to him.
He says he knows that a lot of what other people see in situations he doesn't. I had to tell him unfortunately the world is going to get more confusing before he figures it out, but he will.  The first time is always the worst. After that you start to see what's comming.  I'm sure there is more to this story and it may be the first but won't be the last.

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