Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Christmas Pickle By: Lucy

Once upon a time there lived a pickle names pickles.  He lived in a pickle home with his mom and dad.  One day, he thoutg being a pickle elf would be fun, so he flew in his pickle airplane to the pickle north pole and became a pickle elf.  He also changed his name to Pickle Elf. He worked hard on toys for the good girl and boy pickles. One day he did not want to get out of bed, but he did and he brushed his teeth with his pickle toothbrush and rode on his skateboard to his workstation.

On the way a bully pickle came by and called names. He started to yell at him. He was't paying attention and bumped into the christmas tree and a ornament fall on his head. OUCH!!! He said as he walked to his workstation. As he made his toys another pickle showed how big his truck was. Pickle Elf throw a fit. He was sent to time out. While he was in time out Santa Pickle came to talk to him. After the talk, Pickle Elf said "I can do this" "I'm OK" I'm Happy. From that day, pickle elf was happy and ok.


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