Friday, January 4, 2013

Fun Fact Friday

Ok I admit it I ripped this idea off of someone else. As soon as I remember who I'll let you know. So since things can't always be serious around here I'm going to do my own spin on this. The original was three facts about yourself. Well I will give you one fact about each person in the No Guile family. Some will be silly some serious. So you in?

Mom: is not afraid of anything except turtles, opening champagne bottles (yes I'm in my 30s and can't do this), and bathroom mirrors in a dark bathroom. Bathroom door in bedroom must be closed at night and I will reach my hand into a bathroom and turn the light on before I go in. Thanks bloody Mary story I heard when I was like ten you messed me up for life.

Dad: has a serious attachment to his truck. It's the first vehicle he ever bought new. She's eleven years old over 300,000 miles  all beat up from being a work truck and still kicking. Oh he will only buy Fords.

Roger: is currently obsessed with finding a charger for a first generation iPod shuffle.

John: is girl crazy at ten years old.

Lucy: started 3rd grade this year barley reading at a first grade level, two months in she was at a 5th grade level, now half way through she's a 7th grade level. How dose this happen who knows.

Porkchop: is fearless, I swear he is missing whatever tells up be be scared. He will climb to the top of he shed and has been jumping ramps on his back for the past year.

There's ours for this week. Have any you want to share? Leave a comment, we love comments.

Edited: The Crumb Diaries  is who deserves credit for the idea of fun fact Friday.

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