Thursday, January 24, 2013

Why I dislike Teen Mom.

*Yes I know not autism related, get over it!*

I open my facebook this morning and there it is yet another article about Teen Mom.  No not teen moms the MTV show Teen Mom. I guess one of the girls from the show is acting like well she's acting like a young girl.   They don't know how to respond to conflict, in this day and age you hit twitter and facebook and air all your problems out.

Personally I can not stand the show.  It glorifies teen pregnancy. Please save me with the no it doesn't   Really watch it, the girls get pregnant very young most are still in school and it just flows.  I have yet to see a story line that shows a high risk pregnancy.  After they have the baby everything is all great.  Sure things may have gone to hell with daddy but mom still hangs out with friends, has a house, basically dose what she wants and you know what you fail to see? The reality of being a teen mom. The girls on the show have massive paychecks to be on the show.  Most girls will not have that paycheck to help them out, they are going to have to get a job. Very seldom do you see a teen mom on the show go to work.

I was a teen mom and I can tell you I didn't own a house, have a brand new car, heck most of my friends disappeared   I worked two to three jobs at a time I didn't have time for a social life much less a date.  Sure I had what a lot of girls don't support from parents. I also had a high risk pregnancy, I almost died because of it.  I somehow managed to get my degree but it took me ten years to do it.

MTV try showing the reality, not the big paycheck I have no worries show. I know no one wants to see that. Show the high risk, show how much it costs, show that college will take you much longer, show how much work it is. Stop with the everything's great and look I'm a celebrity because I had a child at 16.  Maybe it's not MTV's fault maybe it is societies for making these girls celebrities. For most girls they don't have the easy ride that the teen mom girls do. There is no show for them, no house, no fans, no friends (they all leave), just real life and it's hard.  If they think their lives will be like the show they are in for a rude awakening.


  1. I agree- it definitely glorifies teen pregnancy. Glad you worked so hard to overcome the obstacles you faced.

  2. Actually they have shown several hi risk pregnancies, I can think of at least two mom's who have kids with significant special needs, and at least one or two who have faced being homeless. At the same time I agree that they have a safety net (MTV paycheck) that most teen mom's do not and their ability to just go out and get a new apartment when the want to is misleading to teenagers who don't know what goes into paying for a place. I'm not in love with the show but still think you need to check your facts- because they are not missing hi risk pregnancies and babies with medical issues. Leah has one of her twin girls in early intervention and has faced a life filled with nothing but tests and therapies without even getting a solid diagnosis yet.