Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Most Asinine Things Said About Autism

I asked and boy did everyone answer.  The question What is the most asinine thing that has ever been said to you about autism?  Some are funny because well sometimes you just look at people and think really did you just say that.  Some are outright mean, and some just make your realize how much people really don't know about autism.  So without further ado in no particular order I give you: The most asinine things said about autism.

  1. you can't have two with autism that doesn't happen. (Me)
  2.  just treat him like a normal kid he will learn and become normal.
  3. Tammy... my stepdaughter is 6, and she has a few girls in school who pick on her... principal makes her into a monster when she defended herself
  4. "He looks so normal" (Autism With a Side of Fries)
  5. K.G...A mom, and I use the word loosely, told me that my son shouldn't be around others because he would "give" everyone else Autism. I asked her if she was serious and she looked at me and said "You should know that cause he is your son and he is diseased from somewhere..."
  6. T.E... she will never ride a bike cause shes uncoordinated... she has defied the odds so far
  7. D.H... "A good stiff hand would help him straighten out"... people just don't get it.
  8. C.S... My son is 14 now. When he was younger, we had someone tell us that if we would just spank him, he would behave right.
  9. J.H...Just spank them, there is nothing wrong with him oh and my favorite we all have a touch of autism oh I loved the of he is just spoil too had a older lady in walmart say just spank his spoil butt my 4 year old (now 6) let her have it
  10. M.C... He needs to be shamed into potty training.
  11. H.R... My son is also 14 & I have been told many times that he would outgrow it! If only it was so easy
  12. Anonymous..."she can't have autism, she looks me in the eyes" "she can't have autism, she lets me look in her ears, nose and eyes, if she has autism she wouldn't let me touch her", which we all know isn't true (and ironically that was the first time she let the doc do all that), "you need to discipline her more...."
  13. M.O...Well hes almost 7 yrs old he should be doing (fill in with whatever milestone not yet met) by now...Really?
  14. P.B...Is that what serial killers have wrong in there genes? Is it where you like scream curse words and jerk? ? I could go on for days on the asinine crap I've been asked!
  15. J.B....Someone from DOCS (Department of Children's Services) asked if he will grow out of it? Her (older and more experienced) colleague gave her a very dirty look so we saved the lecture for her to give later. Lesson here...READ THE FILE!!!
  16. R.G...My father and uncle said they could whip it out of my son
  17. My favorite is the woman who was told my son was autistic and said "He has autism? are you sure he should be in the playgroup with kids who don't have autism?" It was like he had cooties, or rabies. My FIL recently told my husband that my emotionally cold mothering caused Ewan's autism. I think he watched some 40 year old documentary or something. (StayAtHomeCrazy)
  18. W.R...My son's family Dr asked me at his check up if he still had autism. Nope---he got cured! Moron.
  19.  "Oh it can't be any worse than having 5 kids." (There's Tulips in Holland)
  20. K.O....A cousin actually suggested it might be demon possession
  21. "But, she's so pretty." Yes, Ass, Autism is beautiful. (My Kids are Awe-tistic)
  22. My son's principal telling me that she knows "all about Autism" because she took a course...10 years ago. (I'm A Mom Too)
  23.  My sister telling me, "you have only one child, how bad could it be?" SERIOUSLY! (Me And My Professor)
  24.  i have no references...just that the medical labs my dr did were wrong and onlh a DAN dr labs were right lol
  25.  That it was caused by bad parenting. (Autism Art Project)
  26. Autism means you don't really understand what people say in front of you, even if you can kind of fake it by typing" (Yes That Too)
  27. Bleach enemas for curing autism (Autismum)
  28.  "Just because he has autism should I give him my wallet, lets act inappropriate and put a label on it called autism" I was defending another boy with autism at the playground after a parent screamed at the poor boy (Adventures On The Spectrum)
  29. I was once told that I caused my daughter's autism simply because I was a new mom and I didn't know what I was doing. Apparently, I cleaned and sanitized my house too much, so that's how I caused it. Seriously. (Speaking On The Spectrum Blog)
  30. My father-in-law suggested it was from having my kids too close together in age, lol. (There's Tulips in Holland)
  31. I was told I made up my sons Autism and that his problems stemmed from me being a shitty mother who didn't pay enough attention to him and put him in daycare.. (The-Neurotypical-Mom)
  32. M.O... My son is "too happy to be autistic"
  33. I have been told: a) God blessed me with an autistic child (that's the part I like) because he knew I was strong enough to handle "it" (that's the part I don't like) b) eating grilled Swordfish once while in Cape Cod c) from sunbathing d) because I live in New York City ....(Emma's Hope Book)
  34. K.K...Grace it too smart to be autistic and has such a large vocabulary
  35. M.S..His behavior is getting worse because now that you've had him diagnosed you are treating him differently. I also never know what to make of the ones who say they could never tell- I try to take it as a compliment, but it always feels so invalidating!! My blog is This is not what I signed up for, but I've not written on this topic that I can remember....
  36. I'm a dude and a pretty big dude so people tend not to tell ME crazy things about autism.My wife... now that is a different story. Now keep in mind that she is Mexican and the person that told her this was uneducated and from another country... but they told her: "Sometimes the children have to pay for the sins of their parents."I was nowhere around or I would have beat the shit outta the guy. (lous-land)
  37.  I tried to take my boy to a birthday party about 1 year after he had been diagnosed at one of those toddler gym places. The instructor/party leader saw that my son was having a hard time and said, "You should really enroll him in a class here, because he's obviously not used to other children and that's why he has no social skills." I politely informed her that my kiddo was autistic and exposed to other children frequently, to which she said, "Is he on any medication?" Because - after all - I'd tell her if he was, right? (ReinventingMommy)
  38. That Autistic people can't contribute to society..... HELLO, OIF/OEF veteran here<<<< (ancora.impartial)
  39. That I don't really have autism; I just think there's something wrong with me because my parents took me to psychiatrists for so many years. (UnstrangeMind)

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  1. I think 29 is great...by that reasoning, my son should be cured by now. My house... not so sanitized ;)

  2. Unbelievable! The worst I've been told is, it's a discipline problem, oh he's 11 he knows the difference between right and wrong, and the all time worst was my father in law who by the way is 76 years old, says autism is a garbage diagnosis.