Saturday, January 19, 2013

Shopping: No Guile Style

Without reading can you tell the difference?
One thing everyone in this house can agree on is no one likes shopping which leaves it to me.  We have a bunch of rules we follow mostly unconscionably about what is bought.  I noticed this the other day when I was buying shampoo and conditioner for the kids. I went to pick up the coconut because well the smell is pretty weak, but had to put it back.  The reason the shampoo and conditioner are almost the same exact color.  Shampoo must be brighter than conditioner in this house so they know which to use first.  We tried the write numbers on the bottles but they always wash off. Yes even with a sharpie.  So we found bright shampoo works.  I have been doing this for who knows how long and never really thought about what I was doing until the other day.  It all started because of the executive functioning issues Roger would get in the shower but get all confused on what to do next, so we had to find a solution rather than me standing outside the door giving directions.  Sure they could read the bottle but that would be a added step and the less steps the better. They use bar soap for body wash nothing in a bottle.

Now look. Shampoo is brighter than conditioner no reading required.

Body Wash, This is a NO NO, looks too much like a shampoo bottle and even the colors are close.
Bar soap perfect, no matter the shape or color you know what it is for.

Easy to handle laundry soap.

This got me to thinking what other rules do we follow.  Laundry soap always liquid. I hate powdered it smells and it gets everywhere.  We have recently gone to the single use pod things to help the kids be able to do laundry without using half a bottle.  Fabric softener only Snuggle, the others smell to strong.  The boys will only use axe deodorant. The swear by it.  They will not use the body wash or spray because it smells to strong.  I'm not going to fight that logic.  Mom's stuff only Tampax or Always, why because they are the only ones on the market with zero latex.

Now most teenagers want to shop at Abercrombie and Finch, Aeropostale  Gap, you know all the high end stores not mine.  He says its to noisy and smells bad in the stores.  He also hates the clothes. Says they fit strange and he doesn't like how they feel. Another thing I will not fight Target it is then.  Second hand jeans are the best someone else has already worn them in for you.

There are many others certain things are only bought at certain stores because one store brand is better than another. Some brands are bought over another because of smell, look, taste, or feel.  Seriously there is a such thing as a too cheesy cheese stick.  Even the dog has rules.  He will only eat one brand of dog food and only likes one type of treat.

I know we are not the only ones what are some of the rules you follow on products you buy? If you think you don't think about I bet you will be as surprised as I was when you really think about your shopping habits.

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