Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Yep everyone is doing it, you know what I'm talking about your feed is probably full of them.  The New Years Post!  Full of their resolutions for the upcoming year most of which we know will be broken by next month if not next week.  I'll let Daddy Doin Work explain why in his post here.

Our house has never been one to make them, I'm not going to say I'm going to do this or that because really I know I'm not.  Unless as Daddy says it's important to me I'm not going to.  Now that being said it doesn't mean we can't make goals for ourselves.  I still don't do the whole yearly goal because it is just to far out. I prefer short term. I need to find a job.  I can't just say I will find a job in 2013 that gives me 365 days.  I will find a job no later than March. I have to. If I don't we will always be renting from slumlords and never get out from under the debt we have.  Really that is the only think I am concentrating on.  I will set aside a couple hours every day for job search.  No job is out of reach am I am remotely qualified I will apply.  Someone has to give me a chance.  

Now lets throw autism in this mix: Being a house with multiple dxs including autism we just don't know what may happen tomorrow. I can have all the intentions of the world to run everyday but the meltdowns may make it impossible one day.  So lets say you have the goal to run every day with the goal of running a 5k (look tangible measurement), but meltdowns, a sick kid, or weather prevents you from running everyday.  Don't beat yourself up over it just run again the next day.  Look at your measurable goal of running the 5k not that you didn't run everyday. Just because you skip a day dose not mean you wont meet the goal. 

So having a list is great, really the gyms love the new years they get a bunch of new memberships that no one uses. Win win for them more money with little work.  Look at the sales ads from this weekend all fitness equipment that people will buy up use for a few days and then it will collect dust.  Why because some people are not committed to working out and losing weight and that's fine. So if you make your list great just be reasonable. 

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