Monday, April 15, 2013

Yep, I'm A Normal Mom

The kids were out of school on Friday for teacher work day. It was also rainy that day as well though warm. Our yard is mostly dirt ok it's all dirt. So add rain it makes for a muddy mess. Once the rain let up the kids wanted to go out so they put on old clothes and snow boots and ran outside. Next thing I know Lucy and Porkchop are in the big mud puddle swimming. So what do I do? I do what any mom does I grabbed the cell phone and took video of it. Then posted it to facebook. I also posted a few pictures so friends could see just how dirty they were. A friend commented you are a normal mom. She didn't mean anything by that comment. She's part of the autism club. I think we all forget autism or not we are just moms.

Yes I am a normal mom. I clean up after everyone. I cook. I wrangle mount laundry. I fight with the teenager. Look for lost shoes. I'm tech support when the kids can't figure something out. We do homework, go to school events. Drive kids around to activities and friends houses. You name it I do it.

Sure there are somethings I do that other moms don't. Calm meltdowns, track medication, document seizures and headaches. Really though for the most part I'm just a normal mom. We just have autism added to the mix.  Yes I also feel like Lois from Family Guy sometimes. Really this clip is my ringtone for when my oldest calls. Check out the Mom song.

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