Monday, April 1, 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers & Autism

Well it's here April. The month were autism will be all over Facebook for a while. Lots of stats. Lots of reports. Probably some of the craziest studies around. There are two different camps. Autism awareness and autism acceptance. I don't think we need autism awareness  Even if people don't quite understand autism. They know it exists  Maybe they need education? I'd like to think we will get to the point of widespread autism acceptance.

Will I do any big post for April. No, unless you count this one. I write this blog year round. I'm not going to shove it down peoples thoughts  Autism is part of us and our lives everyday. I'm assuming if your reading this it is part of yours too.

SO I will not be changing my Facebook profile pic to autism awareness because my friends already know, they are already aware. I will not do any big special post. (I will do my video I started. You can see the details here. ) I will not light it up blue. I will keep doing what I do everyday of the year. I will talk I will write and will do everything in my power to work towards acceptance. I will participate in events through the autism organizations that I support year round not just in April. I will invite autistic's to take the floor and speak. Most of all I will listen to all points of view. By listening maybe we can find the divide, maybe if we listen to each other really listen we can fix the fractures in the community.

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