Friday, April 12, 2013

Gifts No Guile Style

A while back I posted my shopping post. Basically how we buy things and how some things need to be just right. Well the same thing can be said with gifts. Now I have some family members and friends who will just one day decide I want to get the kids something. For a while I would get phone calls what do the kids need want? you? etc. They are just trying to be helpful and they want to make the kids happy. I do the same thing. I send nieces and nephews stuff just to do it, or I see something i know a friend will like I pick it up for them. Now what if you don't know what? What if they will only wear certain things? Of course interest change, sizes change. So rather than buying stuff no one wants or needs my friends and I devised a plan. So far it works and best of all we can send surprises  See if I call and ask you what size you are you know somethings coming but if I don't have to ask you won't know until the package arrives.

What is this great plan that works for us. Gift lists. I have two. One on amazon for toys, books, and other household items. I also have a Kohls list for clothes. I keep them updated so if we get something I can delete it or as sizes change update. Now my amazon list is a bit of a free for all. anyone that knows me knows I kind of use it as my personal list as well. Right now we are working on redecorating the kids rooms slowly so I will add items that fit in what we are doing. Everyone knows the carpet cleaner I have on there while I really need it I do not expect anyone to buy it for me. Its there so I remember which one it is when I go to buy it. Now if they really wanted to buy me new dishes I wouldn't complain. ;)

You can make a gift list at almost anyplace. Some have it restricted to just babies and wedding but amazon it can be anything as well as Kohl's  Thats why I use them. Oh and Kohl's is super easy returns if its not what we expected.

Now my madness also teaches the kids to wait for things. When they say I want this, ok lets add it to the amazon list. Not only are they not getting it right away, they know there is no guarantee that they will ever get it. When they move on and decide nah I don't want that anymore in a week we just delete it. So see we are helping family and friends as well as teaching the kids things. win win.

A common complaint I hear from autism parents is their children getting gifts that are just not right. This can help stop some of that. I know I know you should never complain about about a gift, thats not what I'm saying. There's no harm in leading people to what are the right gifts.

*I have not been paid for this nor was I even asked to do this post. I just found a easy way to help out with gift giving within my group (we all do it) and thought I would share*

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