Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Memories

Here it is, Finally the review/giveaway Lucy and I promised. We were given a copy of the My Memories Scrapbook Suite for review. The best part they are throwing in a extra copy for give away.

"MyMemories Suite digital scrapbooking software is SO fun and easy to learn and use that you will find yourself creating great project pages that can be used for a TON of different things in no time!  You can also use the software to create scrapbook pages and photo books and even customized photo gifts!
We have an incredibly busy Facebook page (over 17,000 fans now!!) and engaging, creative community where people can come and share their ideas, their projects and make some new friends!
 Come and check us out at
he software does come with 1500 digital background papers and 1300 digital embellishments, though - so they never HAVE to buy anything else to create amazing projects right away!  Their "pages" can be saved as individual jpeg images and then printed, or emailed or shared in a blog post or used to create TONS of personalized goodies from sites all over the web!" (

Lucy and I had fun with this one you can make books, scrapbook pages, as well as different crafts.
When you are finished you can print from your own printer, have it professional printed, or even burn it to a disk. There are so many options. The site itself has many FREE pages you can download and add to your software. 
This is a sample video Showing one book Lucy and I made

Off to the right there is a link you can click on and check them out. If you use the code 

STMMMS31260 you get $10 off.

Now go check them out online and their Facebook page.

Do you want to win a copy of the software? It is a full version not a trial up for grabs.
Here's what you need to do:
Visit The My Memories Website look around leave a comment telling which Digital Scrapbook it you would love.
My memories facebook and like their page Here (Leave comment when done)
Visit My facebook Page Here Like me (leave comment here when done)
Share My giveaway on your facebook (Leave comment here when done, with link)

Remember each entry step is worth 1 entry, Fore each completed step leave a separate comment. Open to USA

All views are mine, product offered to me for purpose of review and giveaway.

Lucy will pick the winner next Saturday Sep. 29, 2012 at noon EST, by name in the hat method

Sunday, September 9, 2012

In Case of Zombies

Last night during dinner the kids had a planning session in case of the zombie apocalypse, what would they do?
Roger: We need a distraction, it will slow them down.
John: I know we will let the dog out at them!
Husband: That won't save you the dumb dog will just bark at them.
Lucy: OK we will feed them something what do zombies eat?
Roger: Brains
John: Feed em Lucy?
Roger: no shes too little we might need her to get in small places to save us.
Porkchop: Dad?
Roger: no he cooks gotta keep him. I know MOM! We will feed the zombies mom
Me: WHAT? Why do I gotta be the zombie food?
Roger: because the book says so (really he has references for this stuff.)

Now they did take it back when they asked for dessert and I said No your planning on feeding me to the zombies. They still say the book says to do it. Thanks Max Brooks, when I get served to the zombies I'm blaming you.

Where in this book does it say feed zombies your mom?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blogger Idol

I auditioned for Blogger Idol 2012! Please go like the Official Blogger Idol page and let them know you want me to make it to the Top 12!

Go check them out they have some great prizes for the winners and it looks like it will be a fun contest.

Autism Goes to Kings Dominion

Last week we took the kids to Kings Dominion.  At first we didn't tell them where we were going just said get dressed with tennis shoes on and get in the truck.  We told them we didn't know where we were going.  My children have no sense of direction they didn't notice we were going the wrong way, missed about three signs, they finally figured it out when we pulled into the parking lot.

We had bought our season passes before the season started yet only went once, you have to go at least twice to make the passes worth it.  We still had not gotten Johns pass so while husband took him over to get his I took the others to guest services to get what my kids call the power.  Yes Kings Dominion has the skip the line pass and accepts autism as a reason.  Really I swear they get it, technically I believe the pass is only supposed to be for 4 people. Both times we have gone they gave it to us for our whole party all six of us.  We are the same family and the girl this time said don't want him to have to wait for you after the ride so how many are with you.  I said six and with that she wrote six on the form.  She got it without me saying anything that if you only let part of the party skip the line guess what your still waiting for the other part to get on and off the ride, it just doesn't work well like that.  Now that everyone can skip the line it makes the trip run very smoothly.  Just so happens the day we went there were no lines.  Seriously Husband and John rode The Intimidator twice in a row no lines. Watch youtube video I found to see what it is.

As we went through the front gates Roger had the backpack, security asked to see it and he just handed the whole bag over.  She had meant for him to open it so she could take a quick look.  I of course had the green paper in hand, she saw it and her approach changed.  She told him step by step what she needed done and what she was doing. Seriously are you kidding me? Am I in some weird autism land that everyone gets it.

Front of The Crypt Ride
It was like that all day long, all the ride operators were awesome.  When the kids couldn't quite figure out a seat belt they helped them.  When Porkchop wasn't tall enough to ride a ride they were not rude just very nicely told him sorry bud your not big enough yet maybe next year.
Porkchop in the sample seat for the crypt I think he might fall out.

John rode this ride 6 times.

The kids got to ride everything they wanted to, everyone was nice, and they even did the little extras like letting Roger stay on the scrambler for a few rides. He was liking the movement I guess. We will defiantly be buying season passes for next year and be returning again this year for Halloween Haunt. I'm telling you everyone there just gets it. Not once was a rude comment made by any staff member, they were all very accommodating and it made for a great day.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Winner

The winner of the Over The Sea book is chameleon please email me your address at noguile04(at)

WINNER MUST EMAIL BY SEP 8, 2012 11:59pm EST or a new winner will be chosen.