Monday, December 19, 2011

In the Middle: Finding Where We Belong

In the past year we have gone from not fitting in to really not fitting in. Let me try to explain this a bit, hopefully I make sense. You see both my ASD kids are High Functioning. Yes I'm adding Lucy into this now. I don't need a diagnoses to know it is her older brother all over again. The high functioning asspect puts us in the middle. They don't fit in with NT kids and they don't fit in with lower functioning kids. So what are we to do.
A example of this would be Roger wanting to play baseball. The regular little league is not for him, all the tryouts and the pressure to win would just be to much for him. Besides with his motor skills problems (i.e. the kid has no balance) he probably would not make the team. On the other end is the special needs baseball. We don't fit in there either. What do you do when you are not high enough functioning for NT activities but at the same time too high for the special needs groups.
We have gone to events were yes everyone no matter the need is welcome, and no one has ever said you don't belong here but we just don't belong. The other parents talk about doctors and treatments etc we just don't have the medical needs. When your kids classmates are volunteering at the events it makes it worse on him. I want him to have the socialization but I also know he has to face these kids in the halls at school.
We are just at a loss right now. Where do we go? Where do we belong? Do we even belong in this group who have so many more struggles than us on a daily basis? We are stuck in the middle and we just need to find where we belong.
I know there are more families just like us we just have to find them.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Red Solo Cup

Last weekend I took Roger and a friend to Target.  When we were done there we went to Safeway.  Safeway on a weekend is nuts, to many people and many of them rude.  They always look at me like I'm nuts when I have all four kids with me.
Getting back to the story the two older boys basically were playing with anything they could find and just being teenagers.  As we were finishing up and going to the checkout line.  They spotted a stack of red solo cups.  This triggered both Roger and his friend to break into song with Toby Keith's Red Solo Cup song.  So not only did I have four kids with me in the store but two were singing.  Do I care? No not really they had fun and no one got hurt, well some peoples eardrums may have hurt from the off key singing but they will get over it right?

When I went to post Toby's video I saw (I had heard about it) there was a Glee version. I am not a fan of that show have never watched will never watch it. Really could they please leave this song alone. Just because it's popular does not mean we want to see it on Glee. Besides isn't Glee supposed to be a hs show why they singing about beer? Sorry for the rant.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

R.I.P. Pooh Blanket

Facebook post from November 5, 2011: 

"finally got Roger to agree to give me his pooh blanket to wash. It's a crib comforter that he has had since he was born. It's a fight to get it from him and by the looks of it I don't think it will survive another wash." It did survive that wash.

Today's Post: 

"The blanket he has had since he was a baby is no longer. It finally fell apart it has been 12 years. Which lead to a 2 hour meltdown which involved rearranging the house because he could not tape the blanket back together. Of course since it has been 12 years I cannot find another one, so far it looks like a blanket his great grandma made him will work as a replacement."
Pooh Blanket

Yes you read that right pooh blanket is gone. Roger came out of his room last night all upset and all he kept repeating was it's broken. Rearranging my house because he cannot get what he needs to say out. Finally he ended up going in my room to the trunk that has their baby stuff. Yes I am that mom I have there first outfits, costumes, etc. I have restricted myself to one trunk, anyways my hording of baby crap is not the the story here that's a whole other post. When he gt the stuff off the trunk and opened it I saw what the problem was he was putting pooh blanket in there.

While you can see through this blanket yeah its that bad he still wants to keep it. Now he is putting in the trunk rather than in his bed. Now before we got to this he took a roll of scotch tape and tried to tape the blanket back together. Of course that wasn't going to work which is what set off the meltdown. 
You can see where he tried to tape it

On the progress side:
1) He deiced it was time to retire the blanket. (while he wont let me throw it out he put it in the trunk) 
2) I have other baby blankets that are his from when he was born and he was willing to try another one. Right now a blanket Nana (great-grandma) made him is what he has chosen.
3) Usually during a meltdown I might as well be talking to a wall, I'd get a better response. While this one started like that like he did calm himself down enough to tell me it's broke, tape wont work and I feel sad. (go figure somehow I figured out how that all went together.

R.I.P. Pooh Blanket