Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Five weeks ago today I walked into every parents worst nightmare.  Lucy text me something was wrong, when I called she just said Roger is acting funny, I don't know whats wrong with him, I'm scared.

I was at work. I threw the site phone at a coworker said call boss lady I have to leave now. Not sure whats going on but I have to go.

I worked 20 min away. I called a neighbor to go check on things. When I spoke with him he said this is bad. I hung up and called 911.

When I reached my house I was greated by EMS, Fire, and CIT. We lit the street up like a christmas tree. At this point we still didn't know what was going on. All lucy could say was she found him on the floor, laying in puke, in a seizure and unresponsive. He was still unresponsive when I arrived. He would look the direction of voices but unable to talk. He would not be able to talk for days.

He was taken to the first hospital there they figured out he took something but we didn't know what. The care he needed was more than they could provide so we were transfered 2 hours away to Childrens.

We spent 36 hours between ERs before they got him a bed on the medical unit. In between all this he beat people, had to be restrained, and they were able to find out that he purposely overdosed on 4 different medications.

We spent 1 week on the med unit to medically stabalize him. They had liver, kidney, and heart issues (more on that later). After thst 1 week childrens Adolescent psych unit, followed by a week more at another hospital cliser to home inpatient, and now finishing up 2 weeks if partial hospitalization. Waiting for those three words discharge to home.

Once he is fully discharged our goal is to get him back into school and caught up. Yeah there is a story there too.

In the past 5 weeks I have lost my job, all saved money for christmas is gone, and insurance is a pain to deal with. Even with all that Roger is still alive and that is all that matters. I can get another job. So christmas will be very small. I can figure out insurance. I would not be able to replace my child. So we count ourselves lucky. Someone was looking over him that day 5 weeks ago.