Friday, December 12, 2014


As many of you know Roger has struggled with headaches for the past few years. We were unsure if they were migraines or migraines caused by seizures. We had another follow up at the Neurologist a couple weeks ago. This time he was able to explain what was going on. With his explanation she was able to determine that more than likely we are dealing with migraines. So he was started on medication to avoid the headaches.

Now the visit was not as simple as that. The whole visit his Doctor talked to him. She would reference me for clarification or verification, but other than that she spoke directly to him. Only he can describe what is going on. Now he does have some trouble when asked what the pain is like he just says pain. When she asked does it feel like a stabbing pain or a crushing pain his response was I don't know I have never been stabbed or had my head crushed before. She just kind of laughed and moved on.

Even the decision to start medication was not a easy one. We have avoided it for three years. The neurologist holds the same beliefs as I that medication is a last resort. So we tried different things and documented everything. Once puberty hit the headaches increased. The neurologist spent a good hour if not more with Roger. Besides her normal follow up exam, she also explained the pros and cons of the medication. She explained all possible side effects which some of them Roger pointed out I already have that so OK. In the end the choice was left up to him. Did he want to try medication or something else? He choose to give the medication a go.

So here we are. He was started on a anti-seizure medication and so far so good. Actually better than good. At first there were some problems with confusion. When asked if he wanted to stop taking it he said no lets do the full month trial first. At this point he is out of his room more, talking more, his stutter is gone, and he seems to be getting all his thoughts out. Is it the medication stopping misfires in his brain or just coincidence I don't know.  Do I think it is some magical cure all? No. Is it helping? Yes. SO now we wait and see where the headaches stand at the end of the month.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I'm Still Here

Yep I am still here. I didn't go anywhere. Life just got a little busy. With school starting, open houses, teacher meetings, and starting a new job.

Everything has settled down and I have lots to tell you about so stay tuned more posts coming soon. Everything from parent teacher stuff, juggling work and kids, and more.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Outsiders

I'm one of the outsiders of the autism blogging world. I don't know I crossed someone a long time ago and you know my opinion and my experiances were not valid because they didn't match theirs. Of course the whole click (yes there are blogging clicks) turned their backs.  Honestly though I never really fit in with them.

Here's the thing I'm OK with it. I'm not the normal blogger. Heck I rarely post. I don't spend hours on my blog or Facebook page. I don't do a lot of things others do. Really just for the fact that others already do it. Do people really want to see the same question on every Facebook page? No. Do they want to hear the same story? I don't think so. So I do what I want and what fits us. I tell our story. I base things on my experiances not experiances on others,  if that ribs people the wrong way fine.

It's not that I don't care, maybe it's because I do. Only it's turned around. I could care less about numbers. Hey trust me they are really nice but telling a story that embarrasses my kid to get more likes. Yeah not going to happen.

My grammar and spelling, yes it needs a lot of help but you know this is a blog. I do my best but it has never been my strong suit.

Yes I am very opionated. If you ask me I will tell you what I think. No I will not back down just because you don't agree. Sure ill listen and look at what you have to say. It's called respect. Now when you start attacking I'm done.

Our family is not perfect. Some people have felt the need to take info they find out about us and use a fake profile to spread it around. Really? That's just lame. I mean what foes that do? Does it make you feel better that you know something that may not put us in the best light. So you tell a one sided very biased story with no facts. Oh and by the way your IP has been traced, I have a pretty good idea who you are. Hey if that's what you gotta do to build yourself up. If your that sad and pathetic that you would attack a family for fun. I really do feel bad for you. You must be a joy to live with.

So basically what I'm saying is, I'm still here. I will keep doing what I do. I will not sink to the rude peoples level.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Calming Glitter Bottle

I have seen this floating around the internet forever. We never really got around to trying it. That was until today. I was at the dollar store and saw glitter glue so I picked some up. It takes minimal supplies and not a lot of work. No crafting ability needed. (Big plus for me). So here are the directions.

Glitter Glue (I used two small bottles from the dollar store but you could use one large as well)
Clear Glue (This I picked up from the grocery store for 99 cents)
loose glitter (We had some loose glitter that came with something so we just used what we had)
Water Bottle (I took one of husbands used large bottles)
Super Glue (Trust me glue the lid down or you will be sorry, Unless you like glitter floors)

1) Fill bottle halfway with warm water. Warm water helps dissolve the glue a little.

2) Add your Glitter Glue.

3)Add loose Glitter.

4) Add water until bottle is 3\4 full.

5) Add Clear Glue a little at a time. More glue = settles slower. More water = settles faster.

6) Once the glitter settles at your desired spread. Fill with water. Leave some air at the top.
Shaking it to dissolve the glue

7) Super Glue the lid on.

8) That's all your done.

We did more clear glue so the glitter does not settle. Lucy just likes watching the glitter move around but not the settling so much. She also had some stickers laying around, so she used one for decoration.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Your Boobs Do Not Affect Me or My Marriage

Yesterday I read not one but two blog posts about your boobs. Both along the lines of blaming another woman for issues in their marriage. One was titled my husband doesn't need to see your boobs. Well guess what honey your husband will see other peoples boobs. Or do you avoid all pools, parks, beaches, basically become a shut in during the summer? Get over it. Some chick posting a bikini pic on Facebook is not destroying your marriage. Really it is your own insecurities that are going a damn good job of that.

Look we all have problems in marriage. Hey it's not a fairy tale everything is perfect, but blaming others does not help. You need to look at what's you are doing, what your husband is doing, not bitch about the young hot thing who's wearing a bikini on the beach.

If you don't like how you look do something about it. Bitching on the internet does nothing. Really though if it is that big of a issue that you ban your spouse from social media during the summer I highly suggest you seek professional help. It's not good for you, your husband, your kids, or your marriage.

Here's the deal us married people can see a decent looking person and think wow he/she looks good. We can even think in our heads if I could just have 5min with him/her. That's normal and guess what it doesn't affect our marriage. None not at all. It's a passing idea. It has no say in how we view our spouse.

So it's not that your husband doesn't need to see her boobs. You need to lighten up and get over it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Did you all survive the long weekend? ours started off pretty shaky. Husband was supposed to have a 4 day weekend. Well that turned into a three day and then a two day. Side job needed to be done. So come Sunday he finally had a day off.

Sunday pretty much nothing got done. Smoked some ribs for dinner. Let the ducks out into the yard. Not really much. I ran some errands. One was off to ABC for liquor. While I was in there some guy walks back in after making his purchase and asks for another bag. No big deal right. Yeah he blurts out I need a bag some lady is going to give me her crabs. Umm OK dude. Cashier and I just stood there and stared at each other before finally laughing.

While my husband was playing with his grill, some guy drives up. Ok he helped us dig a ditch a few months ago, but we don't know him past that. We are not friends. We have talked to him maybe twice, for less than 5 min. Anyways he comes driving up and asks to park his camper right in our front yard oh and he doesn't know how long. Who does that? Who asks someone they don't know hey can I park my ugly broke down camper in your yard. That would be a negative. No you can not park anything in my yard.

I only imagine this is what would have been left.

Then comes Monday. The day of the cook off. Husband smoked a pork butt and a beef brisket. Most of the day was quiet and later on people started to come. We had probably 30 people here. Man were there some stories. Everything from a flip flop flying to a broken chair.

One of the neighbors was being silly and teasing me. So yeah I took my flip flop off and tossed it at him. Direct hit, his hat went flying. Everyone laughed because yeah I was not trying to hit him.

Another male neighbor grabbed my husbands ass, that was like hmm OK then dude where did that come from.

Everyone ate and everyone was happy.

To end the night husband sat in a old plastic chair and it broke. Husband is fine the chair well we will be having a funeral later in the week for it.

Then I get up this morning and wow the kitchen blew up. That was fun cleaning up.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Not Always As They Seem

With the age of social networks one of the things we have been working on is explaining that people are not always who they seem to be. That people do lie. People do stretch the truth for many different reasons.

Of course there will always be the predators who's intent is to harm others. We always want our kids you be aware of them. You know things like don't friend people you don't know, never meet anyone from the computer. Yes I know I have broken these all myself.  So if you must meet someone let others know where you are going and meet in a public place.

Beyond the predators there are the attention seekers. You know the kind, the ones who always have some trauma or drama going on. Typically their intent is just to get attention. You can tell this by watching the shifts in their story. It becomes more traumatic as attention fades. Someone who tripped and bruised their knee now needs a life saving surgery.

The third type are the scammers. They always need money. I'm not talking about the little donate button on a blog or the ads. Hey if a blogger can make a couple bucks go for it. I am talking about the people who repeatedly get in desperate situations. Every couple months they are losing the house or need to pay utilities. They are always looking for others to pay their bills while they sit around with the latest and greatest toys.

Now I'm not saying everyone in internet land is out to scam or harm. I am just trying to teach my kids to pay attention. If something doesn't seem right it probably isn't. Before you send money or gifts pay attention to the persons past or others comments.

Monday, May 19, 2014


When a child or venerable adult goes missing there are two responses. First that it is a tragic mistake. The second someone must be fired. Which response you get depends on the circumstances. Let me paint a picture for you.

It's a nice sunny day and a group of people are out enjoying the day. One of the group members wanders off. Everyone goes into search mode, police are called, etc. Sadly there is no good end to the story. The person was hit by a car as they tried to cross  the street.

Ok now what do you think? What would you say if I said it was a family reunion? That the person just slipped off. In a family situation we would all say it can happen in a blink of a eye. In just a split second and it is no ones fault.

Ok same situation but it is a school field trip. Maybe the side bent down to tie her shoe? Maybe another student called got her attention? In a split second that blink of a eye things can happen. The difference no one will give the side any sympathy. More often than not people will be demanding she is fired and faces criminal charges.

Why do we hold teachers, aides, therapists in this super human realm. They are not allowed to make mistakes. They cannot be human. They must be above human at all times. Sure there are many cases to many to count of just outright neglect and abuse but there are dome cases that it was human error. Not any worse than an error any one of us could make.

I guess all I am saying is let's put the pitchforks down. Let's work together. Let's get all the facts in a case before we burn people at the stake. After all we are all human.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Controlling the Chaos, the Book Chaos

I have a weakness, one that I have passed down to my children. Books. I have to have them. It might be a problem. Last I checked I had over 100 downloaded to my iPad. In the house well lets not talk about that. Ok lets talk. If I was able I would have stacks everywhere, but alas I can not. You see you have to have this thing called furniture and a place to store food. Most people would probably like to walk. Trust me unchecked I would probably become a house on hoarders, just minus the garbage and dead cats.

My solution: I have restricted myself to one shelf. This helps by making me get rid of books I don't need and will probably never read. When I am done with a book I hold on to it for a bit then think will I read this again? If not off it goes. Off to ebay or donated to the library. Better than collecting dust around here.

One shelf may sound like a small amount of room but really you can fit a lot on it. That also does not mean that I don't have them stashed in my car and other rooms in the house. Just trying to not end up on hoarders one day.

Monday, April 7, 2014

My Messy Beautiful Marriage (Autism, Sex, and Marriage part 2)

A while back I wrote this post.  If you missed it go ahead go read it I will wait.............Ok are we all caught up now good.  I guess this is part two.

I could have called this post everything TV gets wrong and no one will tell you about marriage. In most TV and movies the girl always gets the guy and they ride off in the sunset happily ever after. Yeah sure that happens. For about a week. Then life hits. kids, bills, work, family. in all reality marriage is this messy, crazy, chaotic yet beautiful ride.

Honestly it is not the good times that define your marriage but the bad. How did you come out at the end. Husband and I have been through things that would have broken most people. Not because it was really bad, but because people expect the hollywood fairy tale all the time.

Sorry things will not always be perfect. There will be fights and disagreements. There will be gains and losses. There will be hard times as well as good. All of the messy is needed for the good. If everything was always butterflies and rainbows you wouldn't appreciate the good times. Then add special needs to the picture and crap things get messy.  It's also easy to get so lost in the triage of who needs what now to forget your spouse. To forget they need you too.

We tend to enter marriage with grand ideas and expectations. Then life smacks us in the face. is, addictions, special needs, sickness, death, people get laid off, bills get behind, and sometimes you just don't know how you put food on the table. These times are a blip. Years later when the kids are grown they will remember the struggles just not how you think. They wont say mom and dad couldn't provide for us, they say they did the best with what they had. They worked as a team to get through it all.

So in the end it is up to you. Are the two of you going to work together and enjoy the ride bumps and all, or will you throw in the towel and walk away.

*This essay and I are part of the Messy, Beautiful Warrior Project — To learn more  and add your blog, CLICK HERE! And to learn about the New York Times Bestselling Memoir Carry On Warrior: The Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life, just released in paperback, CLICK HERE!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Behaviors and The IEP

One thing many people do not realize can be put in a IEP is punishments for behaviors. Sure there's the Behavior intervention plan that is part of many IEPs but is what in there appropriate? Does it really help or does it increase behaviors?

I have seen IEPs where it it clearly stated that the child is not to be sent home for behaviors. Sometimes the schools get into a habit of calling mom or dad every-time the child acts out and having him sent home. This does not work.

The send the kid home approach makes behaviors increase not decrease. What the school is doing is teaching Johnny that hey if you act up we will call mom and you get to go home. Guess what Johnny just figured out how to go home and avoid whatever he doesn't want to do at school.

The fix is pretty simple. If it is stated that the school cannot call mom to come get Johnny because they are just reenforcing behaviors, the school is now forced to do other things. They can no longer just make a phone call and be rid of him. Same goes for suspension. For many kids in school suspension is a much bigger deterrent than out of school. One of my kids went through a suspension run. It didn't bother him because he had figured out how to get out of school.

Now they have to find out what is going on. Best way to stop unwanted behaviors is to find the reason behind them. What happened right before Johnny hit the teacher? What happened earlier in the day? Is this a build up or was there a trigger? Oh there was a disruption in the schedule. Ok what can be done in the future. We can warn Johnny of the change ahead of time when ever possible.

Behavior is communication. When everyone takes a step back and looks at the whole picture not just the act solutions can be found. Sometimes in this process you may find that Johnny is not in a proper placement, it can be as simple as changing teachers or as extreme as switching schools. When it comes down to it everyone's best interest needs to be making sure Johnny is in a setting that he can reach a full potential.

So my suggestion to any parent that finds themselves on the receiving end of phone calls from the school to come get Johnny. Demand a meeting. Sit down with the team. Demand answers to why the behaviors are occurring? What is the school doing? Are they trying anything or just skipping to calling home? Would a placement change help Johnny? Get a plan in line for appropriate actions that can be used rather than calling home. Make the school do their job. Make them answer. If your child is old enough an d wants to bring them into the meeting, let them have their say on what is going on.

The number one thing I would like to say is you are not a failure. Your child is not a failure. There is no shame in asking for help or making the school step up and help you find solutions. Remember in the end it is not about you, it is not about the school, it is about what is best for your child.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Disagreement vs. Bullying

A group of us noticed an increase in cyberbullying in the blogging community. Now we also noticed that what bullying is is very undefined. Disagree with someone oh your a bully. Call someone out on their behavior your a bully, call someone names bully, direct threats bully. We set up a flash blog to try and define this.  I will try to keep this one short.

Someone disagreeing with you is not bullying you. That is a difference of opinion. As long as they are not bring derogatory nope sorry not bullying. Example:

You say the sky is purple
Person A: says no it is not (not a bully)
Person B: not where I live (not a bully)
Person C: in my experience this is not true (not a bully)
Person D: not true posts article refuting your statement (not a bully)
Person E: you dumb ass can't you see the sky is orange. (Bully)
Person F: geeze can't you use proper grammar. (Bully)

Now you see there are many ways to disagree. Many times just disagreeing you will be called a bully, just because you do not agree. The real bullies are trashing the original poster in their responses. You can disagree but do not become derogatory or you are a bully. Do not attack with name calling. Do not be passive aggressive with grammar checks. Do not throw out statements you know will rile people up. That is all bullying. If you are doing it knock it off.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Eligibility in High School

I have entered a whole new world at the High School. Eligibility. Eligibility is where they decide if you are eligible for special education services. This must be redone every three years. Sometimes everyone decides no further testing and you move on in the process. We were not so lucky.
During the three years since our initial eligibility we have moved school districts plus entered high school. So at our first meeting eligibility meeting it was said the school wanted to redo many of the tests that have already been done. This is partly because of the school district change and we have all of one round of testing for them to look at. So yes they need more information. We are not doing educational testing because it is not needed. We are also the only family that has a child in STAT academy with a IEP.
That's where things get fuzzy. It has already been said that they don't know how he will qualify again. The thing is while there is no issue with his grades right now all A'as and B's, if he loses services through the school he will lose the ability to use his iPad in class for schoolwork. If that is lost we will see a drop in grades. It is documented that since the implementation of the iPad his organization is better, work is getting turned in on time, and no more frustration with handwriting. You take it away and the frustration comes back, the behaviors gone back, everything.
This was just the first step. Next up is the actual eligibility meeting in May. Which will be good for another three years and will need to be done second semester of senior year.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

I'm Back

Ok so we had some issues with trolls. You know middle school like personal attacks. I mean really get a life come up with something better. Just the number of comments from one person I had to shut down for a bit. I mean really they used a fake profile. Didn't even have the balls to use their real name.

Which brings me to a new thing. Apparently rumor has it the new cool thing for bloggers to do is get fake profiles. These are not to protect their identity or anything like that. Nope it's to harass and be outright rude to others yet keep their squeaky clean I'm so great blogger act up. My understanding is the intent for these profiles is to cyber-bully.

Trust me I know by writing this the comments are going to come, they will bitch, they will cry. Even play the victim because someone wrote a blog about them. Well guess what if you think this blog is about you than you are a bitch who is doing more harm than good to our community. Go ahead whine. Get your mob to take up the pitchforks and come at me. In the end it speaks more to you and your mentality than it does me.

I will not be bullied into staying silent, just because I don't sit at the cool table. Your middle school behavior calling me fat, lazy, worthless, slut, etc.. Is just that middle school mean girl attitudes that you never grew out of. Your life must be pretty pathetic that you have to attack someone online that you don't even know. Cyber-bullying does not only affect kids. Adults can be victims as well.

"Why Don't We Call Adult Cyberharassment "Cyberbullying"? Parry Aftab reminds us that, with cyber-bullying and harassment, what we need to know as adults we already learned in kindergarten. How does that work when the Internet was a twinkle in Vint Cerf's eye when most of us were young? It's not complicated. We all understand name-calling, being excluded or being threatened at some point in our young lives. Now imagine that we could retaliate against anyone who has wronged us, made us angry, jealous or unfairly-judged and not get caught. If we were invisible, what would be do or say to those we dislike or hold in contempt? How would we lash out against others, what would we do that we would never consider doing openly? That is cyber-harassment, and when it involves spying, tracking and targeting our online activities, communications and friends, is "cyber-stalking." But for all purposes, they are interchangeable terms. Several things motivate cyber-harassment. These can range from boredom and the harasser seeking entertainment to personal vendettas, and include:
  1. Revenge
  2. Jealousy
  3. Righteousness
  4. Bigotry
  5. Fear
  6. Anger
  7. To get the attention of the target or others
Sometimes there is no motive at all, and the target was targeted merely because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. It becomes a cybercrime of convenience."

Facebook also has this mob mentality to it it. One person says something and then all of the sudden a bunch of people grab their pitchforks and jump in. Just watch it. If person A doesn't like person B Than none of their friends will like that person either. They do nothing to stop it they just join in. No one says hey wait this is wrong. Nope they just grab a pitchfork and attack. Frankly that is just as bad as the person who started it.

People are so tied up in people on Facebook liking them. people they don't even know. sure you think you know them but really you don't. You know what they allow you to know. What they want you to know. SO in this quest to be liked we give up common sense and decency and jump on their bandwagon. A simple Google search will bring up multiple articles on the mob effect. These two are just examples of hundreds.

"Individuals do not always think critically about the information they receive when they are in a crowd. It’s simply easier to go along with what everyone else seems to be supporting.  "

This is a great article on the Lynch-mob mentality of Facebook. "As mentioned earlier, social media has been lauded for the way it allows anyone with a social footprint to share their point of view. The trouble with anything that offers this kind of untethered “freedom” is that it often leads to untethered hate.
Instead of needing the bravery (stupidity?) to face someone head on and in person, the web allows the comfort of a screen and being thousands of miles away from the target of their abuse. Instead of leading to mature discussions around common goals, frustrations and injustices, it’s led to the bear pit mentality that we seem to be seeing more of. Ironically, as social media matures, the audience seems to be going the other way."
Here is the thing cyber-bullying can have legal repercussions as well. There have been a few cases of cyber-bullying that ended not only in suicide but the tormentors being charged with murder. So you think its cute and just a little fun to be a jerk well it could land your butt in jail.
Some legal ramifications include but are not limited too: (vary by state as well
" Civil causes of action for alleged torts like defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, premises liability, vicarious liability, and damages;Civil causes of action for alleged free speech, equal protection, and privacy violations;
• Student and employee discipline for harassment and violations of institutional policies and codes of conduct—Effective July 1, 2012, California elementary and secondary schools will also be able to suspend and expel students for cyberbullying that satisfies certain legal requirements under California Education Code section 48900(r); and
• Criminal charges and prosecution for hate crimes, impersonation, harassment, cyberbullying, and violations under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA)."

So what should you do. says:

"When cyberbullying happens, it is important to document and report the behavior so it can be addressed.

Steps to Take Immediately

  • Don’t respond to and don’t forward cyberbullying messages.
  • Keep evidence of cyberbullying. Record the dates, times, and descriptions of instances when cyberbullying has occurred. Save and print screenshots, emails, and text messages. Use this evidence to report cyberbullying to web and cell phone service providers.
  • Block the person who is cyberbullying.

Report Cyberbullying to Online Service Providers

Cyberbullying often violates the terms of service established by social media sites and internet service providers.
  • Review their terms and conditions or rights and responsibilities sections. These describe content that is or is not appropriate.
  • Visit social media safety centers to learn how to block users and change settings to control who can contact you.
  • Report cyberbullying to the social media site so they can take action against users abusing the terms of service.  

Report Cyberbullying to Law Enforcement

When cyberbullying involves these activities it is considered a crime and should be reported to law enforcement:
  • Threats of violence
  • Child pornography or sending sexually explicit messages or photos
  • Taking a photo or video of someone in a place where he or she would expect privacy
  • Stalking and hate crimes
Some states consider other forms of cyberbullying criminal. Consult your state’s laws and law enforcement for additional guidance.

Report Cyberbullying to Schools

  • Cyberbullying can create a disruptive environment at school and is often related to in-person bullying. The school can use the information to help inform prevention and response strategies.
  • In many states, schools are required to address cyberbullying in their anti-bullying policy. Some state laws also cover off-campus behavior that creates a hostile school environment."
"While we may feel it’s funny to latch onto a trending topic or viral event, it’s all too easy to forget in the heat of the moment what the eventual outcome may be.
I'm just trying to say stop being jerks. The drama and bullying distracts from any message you may really have.

The following movie is long but worth a watch. 

Friday, February 7, 2014


We went to the eligibility meeting yesterday at Roger's school and he is eligible.  Now we just have to get together and write his IEP.  Good thing I went to an IEP writing seminar last month just so I have an idea of what I want in and how it should be written (detailed vs vague) Tomorrow's fun will be the dentist.

Only Way is Up

It's been a rough month. Husband hasn't had any work for over a month. The last person he worked for well he still owes a paycheck that he just is in no hurry to get to us. No when you are a general contractor there is no labor board to step in and make sure you get your paycheck. You are just pretty much screwed. Of course it happened right before Christmas.

Any bill you can think of we got behind on. Of course old employer is crying that his house might be foreclosed on. Yeah well holding husbands pay so you don't lose your house and putting us in line for eviction. Yeah not cool.  So needless to say its been a stressful couple months.

Things are looking up though. Husband has found some work. While it is not full time it is still money. I got a hold of a sewing machine so once I get the rest of the supplies and get it tuned up a bit I can start getting items up in the esty store. Some of the items will be made by Lucy.

I also have half my book written. Now that I have told all of you I have to finish it now. SO be on the look out for that.  I am hoping to have it out by the end of the month.

So even though things have been pretty stressful they are looking up. Things are getting better. All that good stuff.

Be on the look our for new projects from us.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Make The Call

There are situations in life that we end up being observers to. Sometimes we think I wish I could do something. I wish I could help. When it comes to even the thought someone may get hurt there is something you can do. Make a phone call.

If you hear screaming and yelling from the apartment upstairs, a friend says something that gets your attention, a perfect stranger posts something that just sets all your alarms off. Make the phone call. Pick up the phone and call the local police for whatever area the person is in. Doesn't matter if it's your neighbor or a friend across the country.

Yes you may be wrong, you may be overthinking everything but do it, it may save someone. You may be wrong. No harm is done. The police show up and do a welfare check, maybe it's just a normal marital fight. No one is hurt just a little heated. They check and go on their way.

What if it's not just a fight that got a little loud. You just turned the other way. It's none of your buisness. Then someone gets hurt. Or that friends posts that just doesn't seem right and they take their own life. That one phone call may have done something. Maybe not. Maybe the couple would lie and say everything's fine. Maybe the friend will say oh I'm fine. But you tried. You did something.

I have been that person in the apartment with the noise. No one called. No one did anything. They all ignored. They all figured someone else would call. No one ever did. I once even had someone tell me they heard everything but just figured if help was needed I would call myself. I look back at those times and think if just one person, one person had stepped out of their comfort zone and called the police on my behalf how much trauma could I have been saved.

I can promise you I am that person. I am the person that if I think you need you need help. I will make that call. There is no malice. I'm not out to get anyone in trouble or be a hero. I just don't want anyone to be in my place where they need that one person to call for help and no one does so help never comes.

So just remember if someone just seems out of sorts and your alarms are going off. Trust yourself. Make the call. Call a family member of the person, call for medical help, call the police if you have too. Just make a call. Sometime s the powers that be ignore one person asking for help but when others start asking on their behalf as well they have to listen.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I Stopped Reading Blogs

I stopped reading blogs! There I said it. I used to read all the time, tons of them in a day. Sure some I skipped based on aesthetics, looking at you light print on dark background people. For the most part I read it. If I agreed or not I read it.

That has changed. I'm not going to be liked in the blogging circles but so be. There is a lot of bandwagoning going on. Really there is. I only need to read one blog maybe two because you know what every one else is singing the same song. It's all the same whatever the hot topic is of the moment. Sure that will happen sometimes. I have been guilty of it myself. But every single day it gets old.

If someone writes a post that becomes viral. Everyone else has to come up with their version of the same story. So you read the same story just with different characters over and over again. It gets old. I'm sorry but it does.

If you don't put information out in a correct way your lying. Just because someone doesn't take a front page ad out doesn't mean what they are saying are not true. It goes the other way as well. Just because there is a front page breaking news story it doesn't make it true.

In this quest to get followers and reader. To make our Facebook pages larger, I feel like we have lost sight of what we really started all this for, to tell our stories to maybe give some insight to others what it is like for us. Not to be just like everyone else and be the popular cheerleader.

So I stopped. I have my go to people who usually avoid the popular topic, but other than them I'm done. It gets boring reading the same story just a bit different over and over. It proves nothing other than we really know how to work that mob mentality. Don't even think of writing anything that goes against the masses. That's blogger suicide.

In the process I have stopped writing to. My page has been left neglected. Not because I don't have anything to say just if I do guaranteed the attacks will come. How dare I not fall into line with the in crowd.

It all feels like high school again. You have to say the right thing in the correct way or you are the enemy. So it's just easier to say nothing at all. The point of what you were saying is lost in the fight over how to say it.

So yes I have stopped reading and writing as often as I used to. I'm not quitting just hiding a little.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Is a Worry Worrying You?

Is a Worry Worrying You?Is a Worry Worrying You? by Ferida Wolff
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a cute book. Filled with insane situations that would never happen but some that would like the laud family member mixed in. With every worry there is a solution.

Lucy loved it. She thought the situations were silly and funny. She also liked looking on each page for the worry. He is a monster. It became a game to her where is the worry.

I would highly recommend this one. I even think I may buy a copy for the school counselors to use in their anxiety group.

The 39 Clues: Unstoppable Book 2: Breakaway

The 39 Clues: Unstoppable Book 2: Breakaway. By:  Jeff Hirsh

Book Review by: Roger

The book was pretty good. The only thing it could have done is show more detail. Maybe a extra chapter about finding Amy. More details would make the code a little easier to break.  The second hacker in the book that was working with the bad guy was boring in this book. She was more interesting in other books. Overall good book. 

We revived a digital copy of this book for review from netgalley.

The book can be preordered Here

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I Just Can't

One thing I have learned in the past three years is the autism community is very divided. People tend to want you to pick a side in every fight. You know what I just can't. I can't do it. I can't fight everyone's fights. So while everyone jumps on bandwagons against this person or that I will not be. Let's just call me Switzerland. I have chosen to stay neutral. I just don't have it in me to fight anyone anymore.

I have my views and they are not going to change, just  as others views will not change. What I can do is respect others views. I ask that you respect mine as well. We may differ but we can still be friends. What's what makes life interesting. Different views and thoughts. Listen and discuss if we want but no I will not fight over it. I will not be drug into the drama.

So there you have it. My new stance, no fighting I'm Switzerland.