Friday, December 12, 2014


As many of you know Roger has struggled with headaches for the past few years. We were unsure if they were migraines or migraines caused by seizures. We had another follow up at the Neurologist a couple weeks ago. This time he was able to explain what was going on. With his explanation she was able to determine that more than likely we are dealing with migraines. So he was started on medication to avoid the headaches.

Now the visit was not as simple as that. The whole visit his Doctor talked to him. She would reference me for clarification or verification, but other than that she spoke directly to him. Only he can describe what is going on. Now he does have some trouble when asked what the pain is like he just says pain. When she asked does it feel like a stabbing pain or a crushing pain his response was I don't know I have never been stabbed or had my head crushed before. She just kind of laughed and moved on.

Even the decision to start medication was not a easy one. We have avoided it for three years. The neurologist holds the same beliefs as I that medication is a last resort. So we tried different things and documented everything. Once puberty hit the headaches increased. The neurologist spent a good hour if not more with Roger. Besides her normal follow up exam, she also explained the pros and cons of the medication. She explained all possible side effects which some of them Roger pointed out I already have that so OK. In the end the choice was left up to him. Did he want to try medication or something else? He choose to give the medication a go.

So here we are. He was started on a anti-seizure medication and so far so good. Actually better than good. At first there were some problems with confusion. When asked if he wanted to stop taking it he said no lets do the full month trial first. At this point he is out of his room more, talking more, his stutter is gone, and he seems to be getting all his thoughts out. Is it the medication stopping misfires in his brain or just coincidence I don't know.  Do I think it is some magical cure all? No. Is it helping? Yes. SO now we wait and see where the headaches stand at the end of the month.