Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Great Book Cleanout

Rogers books had begun to take over the boys room. The other two boys had to step over and move books just to go to bed.  A friend of a friend's bank is collecting books for kids so I took the opportunity to hopefully get some cleaned out. This is much easier said then done as books are one of the things Roger hoards. He has never meet a book he doesn't want to keep. To give you an idea here are a couple of pictures of what we started with:

Before we even started he already was saying no. Finally after convincing him I was not going to throw them away he started. He even agreed to get rid of a whole series. That what most of the books are series once he gets one he has to have the whole series. We were able to get rid of about 20 plus books this time. We also got him an ereader for his birthday so hopefully that will help. I have them boxed and out of the room before he changes his mind. In the end his desk finally looked like this:
Of course he now wants to go to borders with his gift card to buy more. :)

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  1. thanks for your comment!! I'm a bookaholic :) seriously addicted....

    after the gift card runs out, have you tried book exchange site. I'm ADDICTED to it. i've saved over $2,000 getting books from there. if you wanna join (for free) and post 10 books you want to exchange ..can you use my name as your referrral?? jillybean7682 ...I get 2 free credits if you do that :) hehe...