Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Open Letter

This is my Letter to the White House who reused to light the White House up Blue for Autism Awearness on April 2, 2011.

Dear Mr. President,
Recently I heard that the White house politely said no to lighting up the White House Blue for Autism Awareness.  I wonder why because it has been done before. In the past the White House was lite up pink for breast cancer, and there is talk that it will be blue for prostate cancer.  If you are willing to light the house up for other causes why not Autism Awareness. I just think you can not light up for one cause and then refuse others. If it had never been done then this would not be an issue for so many.
I have heard some talk that is is because the White House does not support Autism Speaks the organization who came up with the idea. What about the kids. 1 in every 100 kids are being diagnosed with Autism and no body knows about it. Kids are being arrested and jailed because no one knows what Autism is or how to deal with it. We need to raise awareness about Autism, what it is and that you may not even know the person has it.
I understand your concerns with the organization if their are any, but this is about kids and adults with Autism. No money is being raised just awareness.  Other Autism organizations support the idea of light it up blue as well. Please just think about the kids. My 12 year old son is one of them.
  • While many parents worry about how to handle the friendship drama of kids, I just want mine to be able to make friends.
  • While parents worry about paying for college, I wonder if my son will be able to handle it
  • While parents look forward to the day with both happiness and sadness of their child moving out, mine may not
 We have to fight for our kids everyday. The insurance companies don't help much, the schools fight back a lot, all we are asking is for some help in raising awareness.

This is still a work in progress but as I look at the date I realize I am running out of time.

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