Thursday, March 3, 2011

IEP and the School

Our meeting with the school went so-so.  All they wanted to do was "beef up" a 504 which is unacceptable as they have not bothered to follow it in the past year.  Now when we tried to get an IEP last year they said yes despite his grades and everything there was something effecting his ability educationally.  Now that I bring back several diagnosis they want to say no those don't exist he doesn't have, are you sure he's not just lazy.  If he has autism how come it took so long to get diagnosed didn't you notice something sooner.  I'm not kidding that was asked I about flew across a table at her. But really didn't I notice something sooner. Wow don't you think that's gone through my head that I missed this for 11 years.
Back to the IEP itself, last year they said even with his grades education was effected but now they are saying it is So now we are stuck to where until he drops below a C average no help.  Hopefully the advocate can help us out just because a child has good grades and such does not mean there are issues in reaching the curriculum. 
We did get them to reopen the IEP and do more testing.  Even his teacher is saying he is not at grade level in communication. So the meeting turned out to be a meeting for a meeting. We will see soon what they have to say next.

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