Monday, March 28, 2011

You Can't Change Him! And Why Does He Have To Change

One of the things I have noticed is everyone and I mean everyone who doesn't have a clue has all kinds of advice on how to change Roger.  I am not trying to change him. The goal of therapies is not to change him it is to help him cope. Why do all these people want him to change? Really I think it is so they are more comfortable. So he should be all stressed out and uncomfortable so you can feel better? I think not.
His sensory issues are not something I can just force out of him. It's not like if we keep doing things that freak him out and make him extremely uncomfortable he will just accept them and change. Actually the opposite will happen you go right ahead and try to force you agenda on him let me know hoe that works. Oh that's right he will just avoid you like the plague and you probably deserve it.
When we are somewhere and he gets overwhelmed yes time to leave. Yes i have to warn him before things change so what is it really that big of a deal?
I understand everyone is well meaning but it's your agenda and he does not I repeat does not have to be like your "normal" kids.  What is normal anyways.
To answer my own question he does not have to change, he is fine just how he is. Yes I will give him skills to cope and to help him function but I will not allow you to push your agenda so you feel better about yourself, he is a child a person not some pet project for you.

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  1. Like you im just helping my son find ways to reach his full potential :)