Friday, March 18, 2011

Melt Downs

Roger had a speech evaluation the other day. First I went to the wrong clinic I went to our normal clinic and not the new one right across the street. We finally get to the right place and Roger was already a little anxious.
When we first got there we were the only ones in the waiting room and the TV was on playhouse Disney, Which Roger wanted nothing to do with. While he was pacing back and forth one of the nurses saw him and asked " Hey Buddy what do you need?" He actually responded with can you change the channel please? Since he was the only kid in the room they changed it and that calmed him down a bit. 
That would have been the end of it if a person who I am going to call the beltway diva had not come in. I was out of the room filling out paperwork just a few steps away. Anyways she comes in and requests the TV be turned off because she does not allow her child to watch TV. Really because you are the only people in this room. Now you understand the term beltway diva, we have a lot of them around here who think they are superior and their children are better than everyone else but that's a story for another time.
Of course that made Roger start stemming and for him that meant walking in circles around the room nonstop. I was back by this point so I just watched to make sure he was not in anyone's way which there were only two of us so he was good. It only took about 2 min for her to be annoyed by Rogers circles. I didn't say anything to her but thought this is your fault you made them turn the TV off with no warning so there was no time to prep him that it was going to happen. A couple of good things came from this 1) the diva was annoyed 2) the speech pathologist got to see Roger all worked up. Now for the bad it took 20 min to calm him down to be able to do the testing. 
Why the woman didn't ask to wait in a treatment room rather than have it turned off I will never know. I can only assume shes a typical diva who is self entitled and thinks nothing about anyone else and cares only about her and only her wants matter.

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