Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Rest of the House

So Roger is not the only kid in this house. We have a total of 4 between husband and I. Here is the easy break down: my three Roger - 11 years (Autism and multiple other dx), Lucy - 6 year (borderline autism), and Porkchop - 4 years NT  (his older cousin J gave him that nickname and it stuck yipiee), We also have husbands son John hes 8 (ADHD). And we can't forget the dog Dax who is the most annoying mini dachshund ever. Can a dog be schizophrenic I think mine is. Not only do we have with autism and ADHD but step family issues as well though we have had a pretty easy time with mixing the kids. Weekends around here are nuts. We have also been running off of one car for the last 6 months. That will soon be over a new to me van coming soon.

We deal with the normal I lost my DS so Porkchop must have taken it. Poor kid gets blamed for all kinds of missing items.  My favorite is my mom or my dad lets me do it. Yeah well you are in my house not theirs. That one doesn't come up very often. Currently Roger's music folder for band is missing. It has to be around somewhere but who knows where. I'm sure it will come up.


  1. Things usualy do (fingers crossed!)

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  3. You have a house full! I am now following your blog (Bloggy Moms).

  4. yes it is not uncommon for me to run down a list of names until I get the right one or hear me say whoever you are get over here. I think I have even thrown the dogs name in there at times. :)