Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back To School Organizing

Not that I'm counting down or anything but eight more days until school starts again. Which also means time to get things put together around here. We have a area that bags and shoes go. I hate looking for things in the morning. An area to work in. Plus a book to help them organize their own stuff. So lets do this in pictures.

We have the computer area. They have a calendar, cork-board, and a plastic shelf that hols supplies they may need such as crayons, markers, and other homework supplies.

This is my notebook. I just used a leftover one from last year. I used to do one per child but that got to be to much. Inside I have dividers. One per child. This is where we keep all important info and classroom letters.

This is a old picture but it still works the same. All Ipads and phones go here. Book bags and shoes go under the bar. There is also now a tray on it to keep keys and what not that husband brings home.

This is the book the kids are using. There are a lot of great ideas such as how to organize a binder. Plus some stuff for their room.

I am working on changing things up a bit. With a new puppy in the house keeping shoes and bags on the floor is not a good idea. Of course I will update this as soon as I figure out what I am doing.

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