Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Here's to a Great Freshman Year

School starts here next week. The supplies are bought (well most of them). The clothes and shoes are ready. This year Roger starts High School.

We went to open house last night. So far so good. The school is huge but not unmanageable. We meet all of his teachers at his main school last night. He will be going to two schools this year because he was excepted into the informational technology program through the schools STAT program.

So far it looks good. All of his teachers are young which is a good thing. They are old enough to have been teaching a few years so they know how to control a classroom yet young enough to not be stuck in their ways and willing to think outside the box. Not one batted a eye when Roger said he wanted to use one notebook for all classes. It was OK whatever works for you. As long as you have your work no big deal how you organize it.

I had been in contact with the overall head of student services and she has always been on top of her responses to me. Today I heard from his case worker. She too is on top of things and knows where the anxiety is and will be sure to check in on him a bit more in the first few weeks.

I was probably most impressed by the history teacher. I'm thinking Mr. A may become Rogers favorite teacher. He told him a little about what they would cover. Also told him as long as he didn't say aliens built the pyramids he would do just fine. To that Roger said no the zombies did (Plants vs Zombie 2 reference). The teacher saw the joke in it. He even asked him what he wanted to do later and took the time to speak with each student one on one. Roger said he wants to go to MIT and the teacher said OK so you need to keep your grades up. We have tutoring in all subjects. Just remind me and I will get you set up with the tutors.

Roger has shown interest in a few of the after-school clubs. Forensics and Robotics to be exact. He also wants to try out for the soccer team later this year.

Even before school starts we have a great team going. So here is to a great freshman year.  We meet Lucy's teacher tomorrow night.

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