Saturday, August 10, 2013

School Board Committee Application Letter

I am one whom believes that to make the biggest changes you have to do something. Sometimes that means from the inside. So I can sit here and complain about my school district (by the way I love them no complaints here) or I can do something.

A couple of weeks ago the district announced openings on the school board committees. I checked it out and while it is not a paid position I decided I would throw my hat in the ring. Currently our election districts spot on the Special Education committee is vacant.

Part of the process is a application with a letter saying why you want to be appointed to a committee. With some help from some lovely ladies who acted as my editors I finally got my letter done. Thank You Stay Quirky, my FriendsHomestyle Mama, and Mamas Turn Now for all your help.

So here is the letter:

To the members of the The County School Board,

I would like to apply for the Special Education Committee membership for my district. I believe I am a strong candidate for several reasons:
        1. I have a great stake in the district as a parent of four children who attend County Schools, one of whom deals directly with the special education department.
2.      2.  As a special needs parent, I am actively involved in education at Children’s Hospital and with a program that helps first-year military medical students understand special needs in the home and the community.
3.       3. I have a professional history working with special needs students and adults. This background comes from my experience as a para-educator and as a nurse aide in my community.
4.      4.  I understand that every student is different and that each child may require different services, accommodations or interventions to help them reach their full potential. I also understand the need for our schools to stay within their budgets. I am certain that both can be accomplished.

As you can clearly see, I have both the skills and passion for this position. I believe I would be a great asset to the Special Education Committee for County Schools.  As a special needs parent, I know firsthand how the decisions this committee makes impact our children. If you choose me for this position, I will remain deeply invested and use my experiences and knowledge to help me make the right choices for our children, our schools and the community.

I hope you will find me a worthwhile addition to the committee. Please contact me anytime if you need additional information to help with your decision.
Thank You,

Contact info here                                       

Now all I do is sit back and wait.                                                                                            

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