Friday, August 9, 2013


Two of the boys had dental appointments yesterday to have fillings. Sounds simple enough right? Well not when they both have to be semi sedated (its like Valium) and one is a hemophiliac. Hemophiliac and dental work that's not fun. Now our dentist is awesome and takes her time to make sure she does not accidentally clip him. That could be trouble. SO the night before I got very little sleep. That's just how it goes.

We take the boys to the dentist which is about a hour drive. Really this office is that good. Typically they will only sedate one child per family a day but they made an exception because of how far I drive and husband took the day off work to help. We get there they take the boys weights and then give them the medication. This is where the fun starts.

This stuff works quickly in Roger and he hates the floatie feeling. So he gets a little agitated. His fixations get more fixated. Where I can normal draw him off a topic when he is medicated for the dentist you can not. He goes back first. About half an hour later they come to get Porkchop. AT first we were thinking the meds are not working for him. Then he stood up and lost his balance yep they are working. He is taken back and Roger comes out. Roger was very disoriented this time and very agitated. You know the moment the other mom in the waiting room shoots you a dirty look because your 14 yr old just took a swing at you. Yeah well I do and I got it on tape. Roger had asked that we tape him after so he could see it. (no I will not be posting any of the video) So yeah lady in the waiting room shut it you look like you have your own issues going over there with your kid who is not listening.

While Porkchop is back for a good hour, I have to keep Roger sitting. Yeah he feel out of his chair about seven times. Again other mom shoots the evil look. Really he's medicated lady. Deal with your kid who is dancing on the table (future job maybe). They come get me to get Porkchop as he needs to be carried. The dentist tells me he threw up all over her to start and is pretty sleepy now. We settle up and off we go.

Both boys slept all the way home. When we got home Roger went directly to bed and stayed there most of the day. Porkchop tried to eat some soup but ended up throwing up in his bowl. He finally got something down later on.

13 hours later they both were still medicated. Roger was awake and fixated on the Percy Jackson commercial. If you want to know they are messing up the story line from the book and that's just not right. He talked about that for hours. He also kept forgetting that he was eating. He would set it down and be what was I doing.

For the most part they were good when they woke up this morning. Roger is still a little melty but not to bad. They are both a little tired so we will just have a easy day again. Maybe I can catch up on the laundry now.

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