Friday, August 23, 2013

Transitioning to High School

It's official Roger is a high schooler. We received his schedule yesterday in the mail. The caseworker had already emailed it to me a day earlier. See he was out of town with his dad and we were unable to go to the allotted time to pick it up. I asked and not only did she let me know that yes all schedules were mailed out after the pick up time, but she went the extra step to email me a copy. 
So far so good. 

It gets better, we started the whole transition deal at the end of last year. This consisted of meeting with the high school, writing up next years IEP, and addressing any concerns. Roger has always played a full and active role in these meetings. After all he is the one affected most by our choices. He can tell us yes that works or no don't even try that. He can tell us what he wants.

One of our requests was to allow him to use the iPad as his planner instead of a paper planner. With the iPad he can set reminders for projects and well to be honest he can't read his own handwriting. At the end of last year we were unable to do this because the school just was not set up to support electronics. (they are in the middle of a big re-mod) When we got the schedule there was a notice in it that the school has now been set up to allow all students to bring electronics to b used a designated times at teachers discretion. I immediately emailed our lady and she was already in the process to set up a quick meeting basically to get the iPad in the IEP. That way it is seen as a tool not a toy by teachers. Her response no problem lets do it.

I also asked to change the wording in an accommodation because while we understand it means one binder for all classes some of the teachers may not realize this is what we meant. For Roger having one for all instead of one per class is easier to organize and keep track of. Less chance of lost or forgotten homework. Again she said lets do it.  She also made sure I had all the teachers email addresses so I can contact them before school starts. 

We have a little over a week left until school starts and all is looking good. The school is working with not against us. His schedule is just what he wanted. We are working on making sure is transition from one school to the other during the day goes smoothly. They really seem on top of everything and really want to work to help student thrive and reach their potential. I guess all I have left to do is to send out the introduction letter to the teachers. 

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