Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Oh Respect, this is a fun one. Recently we have a streak of rudeness in this house. The kids think they should have what everyone else has yeah right. We get a lot of WHAT! When they are called. You know what it's all going to stop. I do not care what your issue is. ASD, ADHD, your just a jerk whatever there is no excuse for rudeness. There I said it. ASD does not mean you get to be rude. I was not allowed to be rude growing up. Guess what I figured out people don't like you too much when your a Jerk. SO time for us to step in.

Now we have a plan really we do. A couple really. Still working the details out though.

For the gimmes: Your going to start working. Each kid will get a small allowance amount based on age per week. You need to save your own money to buy whatever it is that you think I should just buy you. Here is the catch. There's always a catch, always. If mom has to do your chores you get a bill. Depending on what it is will depend on how much you have to pay me for having to do your work. There will be extra jobs that can earn you money. These are beyond the normal chores. My kids are just expected to do chores because they live here so no they do not get paid for doing what they should. If you choose to do the extra great but if not don't whine at me when your brother buys a new game he saved for and earned by doing extra work. 

Next up respect. They are going to have to earn time on video games, computers, etc... How are we going to do this. Mom is getting a jar of marbles. Each kid will start the day with x amount (we haven't deiced the number yet). Every time you are disrespectful, don't do as asked, or are mean to siblings you lose marbles. Some infractions lose more than others. Example bullying your sibling will cost you more than say whining about homework. They can also earn marbles for things like helping without being asked, picking up something that isn't theirs, etc.. After dinner we will see how many marbles are left in each jar. Each marble is worth a time amount say 1 min (we are still working this out). So if you have 10 you get 10 min of video game time. If they have all the marbles they start with they can have a total of one hour on the Wii, computer, or iPad.

I don't have a clue if this will work or not.We will try anyways. If it doesn't work try something else.


  1. good luck! let me know if it works! we did pirate dubloons, but Liam got all nervous and started removing them when HE thought he was "bad" so we had to stop... now he has consequence cards.

  2. This is great! I am going to try something similar at our house. I have a large mamount of Poker Chips. And lots of Jars :)