Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Shave Please, But Don't Cut My Throat!

Mama Fry asked this question yesterday on her page:

"Shaving, how the heck do you teach that? Kiddo is no where near needing it but you know, I like to get jump on panicking about something. So, hit me up with your tips fries!"

You can see all the great answers she got here. There were plenty of use an electric razor, top to bottom, and even one just go Duck Dynasty and don't shave. We have ventured into the shaving realm of life. I never thought that anyone would want to read about it but here I am telling y'all how we handled this one.

First off Roger needed to shave at age 12 he already had a mustache coming in but we waited until age 13. For his mustache he just uses a eyebrow trimmer. Really it works. It's small enough to get in there and really hard to cut yourself with. Oh and it is really cheap typically about $10-$15. The first few times one of us did it for him but now he does it on his own.

Pretty much he only has a mustache. He takes after his dad who has very little facial hair so he does not have to shave everyday, heck he doesn't have to shave every week. Now my husband does not use an electric razor. They just don't get close enough, so all we had was a normal razor and shaving cream. Yeah that's scary for a kid. I shaved husband (yeah he let me near him with a sharp object now thats trust) first so kid could watch and see yes I know what I'm doing, and no I wont cut you. Had to remind the kid when I worked in nursing homes that's all I did all day was shave people.

I found a electric razor for a good price. The kind with three circles. In my experience they are easier to care for. Check the sales after christmas. They always have a few random gift packs they need to get rid of. That takes the whole mess of shaving cream out of the picture.

Now a electric razor does not mean no maintenance. you still have to take care of it. The blades need to be kept clean and in good condition to avoid cuts. Trust me a uncared for electric razor can cut the crap out of you. Using a product such as Letric Shave before shaving helps as well.

So there you have it our straightforward approach to shaving, There is nothing scary about it at all. Just figure out what works for you. Now I just have two more boys to get through this stage as well. The girl oh she's a whole other ballgame.

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  1. I am so afraid of having to do this with my kiddo. I'm sooooo not there yet!!!