Wednesday, June 12, 2013

R.I.P. Alex


14 year old Alex Spourdalakis is longer on this earth. Why? Well the simple answer because two monsters, two people he should have been able to trust decided he should not live and stabbed him to death. His mother and godmother. I will not say their names because I want you to remember Alex's name not theirs.

You have to be a special kind of evil to stab your teenager multiple times. You know what they did afterwards? They showed no remorse they washed the knife and put it back in the butcher block. At some point after stabbing their child they both took a bunch of pills and laid down next to his body. They may have intended to die but they didn't. I would guess it was just for show and sympathy. If they really wanted to die they would have made sure they did.

Of course since Alex was autistic we only hear the bad about him. How stressful he made his mothers life, how violent he was, how his mother had no help. What about the good. I'm sure he brought joy to his family's life. The no help is a lie. DCSF reported that they offered mom help and she declined. She decided death was best Alex. They were found because Alex's father got worried when he could not reach them and called the police to check on him. I'm not sure how much of a role dad played but obviously he played some role if he not only called but was worried. Doesn't sound like a non caring dad who abandoned his child. But we don't know.

Very little is being reported other than to twist the story to the point that they make it sound justified because he was autistic. If this was a "normal" child there would be vigils. There would be people crying and saying how great he was how he didn't deserve this. There would be outrage. There would be demands for death for his murders.  Not statements like don't hurt this family further by jailing mom.

Instead we hear everything they can say to try and justify stabbing, they didn't pick a easy painless way to die. They picked a brutal and painful way to murder Alex. How did they look in his eyes while plunging a knife into his body. I won't make excuses for them and I will not accept any. You should not either. There is absolutely no justification for brutally murdering your own child.  They are murders and should receive the harshest punishment possible.


  1. I feel sick about this. THank you for telling it like it is.

  2. I'm still floored by all of this - I just can't accept it.

  3. I'm still floored by all of this - I just can't accept it.

  4. i have autism i also have children with autism,i hope they fry
    autism is not bad,people make it bad,
    dont get me wrong our lives are not a bowl of cherries and we struggle,but we laugh more than we cry,
    if only people saw what autism is and not what autism is not,

    1. they use autism like its some excuse to murder and abuse,well it isn't ,
      we are people people like you, we are not some"defect" that you can rid your self of because we do not fit into their ideals of what life is.
      Who says being autistic is a bad thing,because it isn't
      you cant kill your autistic child stab multiple times then casually put the knife back in the knife holder.they did not choose a painless death,they stabbed and stabbed
      they can not have a defense of no help,depression mental health or anything else.
      there is no excuse,

    2. I keep hoping the outrage the community is showing right now spreads. I for one will not let his death be in vain. I don't know how yet but the media needs to listen. Not to age to autism or autism speaks. They need to listen to us. To the autitistics and allies that value life and value the neurological differences. It doesn't have to be pretty or a bed of roses but it's time for people to see the good side of autism. If we can get them to see the good, they will then value the lives of autistics and the excuse of he was autistic, mom couldn't do it anymore will no longer be accepted.