Thursday, June 13, 2013

I'm Sorry

To all the lives that have been snuffed out by a selfish person.

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry this happened to you,
Please know you never deserved this.
No matter how much care you needed.
No matter how frustrated you got.
You didn't deserve this.
You never deserved to lose your life at the hand of someone who should have loved you.

You deserved Love,
You deserved care,
You deserved compassion,
Most of all You deserved to Live.

You deserved to love,
You deserved to feel joy, sadness, anger, most of all to feel loved.
You deserved to have friends,
You deserved to have a voice.

Instead someone decided that you were better off gone.
That you were less than.
For that I am sorry.
Your murderers will get no sympathy from me
I will do my best to make sure your stories are heard.
That people see how much you had to offer.

You were worthy of life.
I'm sorry you didn't get to live a long full life.
I'm sorry you were ruthlessly taken from this earth before your time.
We won't let your death be in vain.
Please know your loss is felt by many.
You have touched many whom never met you in life.

I hope you are at peace.
Your memory will never be forgotten.
In the words of Vince Gill
Go rest high on that mountain,

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