Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sometimes You Have to Pull Back

IEP for High School is done. Roger is considered twice exceptional and really no one at the table had ever done an IEP for someone entering the Advanced High School program. So this was new to all of us, really it will be a learning curve for everyone. Overall good IEP.

After some discussion it was decided it's time to pull back the supports. We know he can handle it and he can do this. We needed to do it though because if we kept everything as is the supports would exclude him from the program that academically he needs. I know that sounds scary but sometimes you have to do it.

What it all means. Yes he will still be receiving supports. He still needs help with organization, he does not want to give up a elective for guided study. So we decided right now he gets to keep them. At the end of first quarter if his grades are slipping he will be put into the guided study class. We will have to come up with some other ideas for organizing. He will also still be receiving speech. He will no longer be in inclusion classes he is going straight gen ed.

It sounds a little rough but in order to prepare him for college we have to start pulling back a bit. If we find out he still needs something we can add it back. He also is one that if there is something he wants he is motivated. So this is how it goes:

He wants to be in the advanced program for IT - so he has to keep his grades up or they will kick him out
He wants to keep all electives - so he has to keep up with homework or he loses a elective

This doesn't mean we won't help him. Actually it is the opposite, we want him to advocate for himself. Tell us what he needs, come up with ways to help himself.

We are not setting him up for failure but it's sink or swim time. Roger is going to have to rise to the challenge of the advanced program. We know he can do it. He has it in him and we know he wants it bad enough.

With that Middle School is over and on to High School.


  1. Sounds like a great balance and a great plan! Good luck to him next year!!

    1. I'll admit I'm scared to death that I'm not doing right. But I know I have to step back and let what will be be. It's baptism by fire and I'm the one scared to death. I'll be good after first quarter.

  2. My son is just now entering first grade, but I'm already worrying about high school. ;) It sounds like you guys have a very do-able plan. I bet he'll do great!