Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer in The No Guile House


Summer is almost here. We are in the last week of school. Rogers last day is today. He is exempt from the last three days since he has good grades and passed all his state tests. The school said so. You better believe that was one form from the school he didn't lose. The one that said He didn't have to go the last three days.

So now with summer it becomes what do we do with these kids? Usually they would go to some sort of summer day camp, but this year with being down a car and all the money that had to be paid to a lawyer we just don't have the funds. So onto plan B.

Come Saturday we will start our weekly visits to the library again. All kids and even mom are signed up for the reading programs. I will print out the schools reading list for each kid as well. (yeah printer broke months ago, library allows us to use theirs for free). I also buy the kids the summer bridge books. You can find them here, at most bookstores and teacher stores as well. I know I give them homework but it keeps their minds busy and helps them not to lose what they have learned all year.

They also planted a garden not to along with husband so they will have to take care of that. The big one is a few blocks away while we are planting a small one at the house for them as well. We just found out the community pool is only a street away so once we buy our family membership expect us to be there a lot.

The church about a block away also does Vacation Bible School so we may check into that as a option as well. Mostly we are stuck to what is walking distance and living in BFE that's not much. We will go to the beach and stuff on weekends when husband is home. Later in the summer we have the Surfers for Autism program to attend. Probably the highlight of the summer.

So what do you guys do? What are your low cost fun activities for summer time?

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