Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Just A Girl

TRIGGER WARNING!!! Rant/Cursing/makes no sense its all in here

Post from my personal page a couple days ago:

"Here's the deal. A lot and I mean a lot of people want to pass me off as a stupid girl. What they fail to realize is nine times out of ten I am the smartest person in the room. So go ahead think I'm stupid I know better."

Now to those people I say FUCK YOU! Which degree would you like to see? My nursing, medic, marketing, how about my biochem? I am by far not stupid. Do I miss things like stupid jokes and sometimes body language. Sure but I think at times we all do. That doesn't make me stupid it makes me human. I'm not perfect no one is.

These same people have the attitude that I'm just a girl, therefore I have to depend on my husband to take care of me. You wouldn't believe the crappy comments I have gotten just based on being a stay at home mom. That I can't take care of myself.  You don't know my whole story. You don't know that I was a single mom for ten years. You were not around when I was working multiple jobs just to make ends meet. You were not there when I fought in court for my son.

You make fun because there must be something wrong with me because I'm on my second marriage. Again You were not there. You have no clue what went on. You did not live in that marriage. You say my husband is overreacting when he tells you to shut it when you say he should smack me around. Guess what I have already been there done that. My husband does not and will not raise a hand to me. So you can take your caveman ideas and keep walking.

At first I was letting your words get to me. Your ideas, your beliefs about me got to me for a while. Really they did. It got so bad my husband asked if I wanted to move to get away from all of it. Now you see it's not that easy to get rid of me. I'm not going to allow your childish ways (thats what they are) run me off. I'm not going to uproot my kids take them from their schools and their friends, because someone wants to act like a teenage girl. (really you should grow up)

So say what you want, think what you want. I don't give a fuck anymore. You may want to live in drama land but I don't. For all it's worth I'm walking away from it. I will no longer allow you to attempt to destroy me. You see me a weak little girl. I'm here to tell you I'm one of the strongest people you will ever meet.

I can take a lot of crap. I am more than willing to help people I will stay civil because well that's what needs to be done. I don't need to start a war but when it comes to you my give a damn's busted. Unless what you are saying or doing affects my house I don't care.

Next time you wonder out loud why people who used to be friends no longer come around, take a look at yourself and what you are doing. Maybe then you will see that you are the one chasing everyone off.


  1. It takes a thick skin to be on the interwebs sometimes, doesn't it? Hugs.

    1. That it does, but most of my stuff is actually in real life. SOmetimes it's just easier to deal with the interwebs than the people who are really getting to me. :)